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Apollo Healing Laser - ProbesThe 3,000mW probe is advanced and more power than most other lasers.  This probe is a great powerful all-purpose choice for the practice that needs the power of a class IV laser.

The 3,000mW probe is  powerful and versatile for amazing clinical results and value.

Available for Portable or Desktop Units!


3,000 mW Cluster Probe Specifications

  • Wavelength: 810 nm
  • Beam divergence: 9 x 38 degrees
  • Total power output: 3000 mW
  • Spot size: 2.7 x 21 mm, 0.567 cm2
  • Power density (Irradiance): 1.19 W/cm2
  • Energy delivery per min: 180 Joules, 72 J/cm2
  • Emitter: GaAIAs laser
  • Number of emitters: 4
  • Output power per emitter: 750 mW
  • Aperture: 25 mm
  • Laser classification: Class 4
  • Treatment time for 4 j/cm2; 2.11 secs

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